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    21 Of The Worst Things You Can Say To Someone With A Unique Name

    "I couldn't find a souvenir with your exact name on, so I bought you this shitty alternative." Great. Story of my life.

    1. "I can't quite remember your name. It's a weird one, right?"

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    Yep, that's me! That person with the weird old name!

    2. "No, what's your real name?"

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    3. "Can you repeat that?"

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    OK, for the third time, my name is...

    4. "Can you sound it out for me please?"

    5. "That's a funny name!"

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    It is? 'Cause it's kinda just the name I've been living with since birth, but thanks.

    6. "Did you just make that up?"

    7. "What does it mean?"

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    It means my parents just wanted to call me that?

    8. "Are you foreign?"

    9. "Where's your name from?"

    10. "So, what's the English version of your name?"


    Erm...I just told you...

    11. "I apologise in advance if I mispronounce your name"


    Can you at least try? That's all I'm asking.

    12. "Your name is so unusual! So quirky! So weird!"

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    It's actually pretty common in some parts of the world, but thanks?

    13. "Is your name short for something else?"

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    14. "Don't you have a nickname I can call you?"

    BBC / Via

    As opposed to the name I literally just gave you? No. I do not.

    15. "Oh, sorry [insert name that is STILL not your goddamn name]"

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    16. "I'll just call you [X]."

    HBO / Via

    OR, and I know this is crazy, you could just call me my actual name?!

    17. "Are you sure that's how you spell your name?"

    18. "Why did your parents choose to spell it that way?"

    TLC / Via

    Here's their number – why don't you ask them?

    19. *makes a joke based on your name* "Get it?! It's funny because of your name!"

    Fox / Via

    Ha! So original! Absolutely never heard anyone call me "VaGENA" before.

    20. "I couldn't find a souvenir with your exact name on, but I thought this was close enough"

    Bravo / Via

    *sigh* Story of my life.

    21. And, from every Starbucks barista ever: "Can I take your name?"

    Bravo / Via

    Well, you're only going to fuck it up aren't you, so sure. Why not?

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