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25 Things People With Thick Hair Can Simply Never Do

Go to the salon without a hairdresser commenting on how thick your hair is.

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1. You can't enjoy summer without suffering from a ridiculous amount of hair sweat.

Hairdresser had a big job after a day of sweating in riot kit / helmet hair.. Sweat and the mane do not got well..

3. You can't throw on a hat without struggling to fit it over your gigantic hair.

Rule #1 if you have curly puffy hair, never wear beanies.. It won't fit.

And if you do manage to fit it on, it's very unlikely that it will stay on.

4. And you can't own any hairbands that don't look like this.

Because every hairband needs to be stretched to the appropriate size for your mane.


6. And you have the same problem with brushes.

7. As well as your own bloody hairbands.


10. You can't attempt a new hairstyle without breaking several hair ties and hair grips in the process.

When you attempt to put your hair in a loose bun but end up breaking THREE hair ties #thickhairproblems #Fixitjesus

11. In fact, broken hair ties are your biggest pet peeve because it happens so goddamn often.

Dear Hair Tie Company, Please make hair ties that can hold my naturally thick black hair in a pony. #IamTired

12. You can't go out without using a ton of products to keep your hair in check.

Best hair products for thick curl hair hands down 🙌


13. Because your hair has no chance of staying straight once humidity hits it.

When your hair sweat out so you back in the chair

14. And when they say "quarter sized amount", there's no way you're taking that seriously.


17. You can't go more than a few months without breaking several combs.

18. And say goodbye to every hair clip you've tried to force around your hair.

How my day started. #thickhairproblems #cantownanythingnice

19. You can't switch from "hair up" to "hair down" without looking like a complete idiot.

Instagram: @whatsmeantwillbe

20. And you definitely can't brush or comb your hair without it shedding all over the place.

#thickhairproblems so much hair falls out and there's always so much left 😒😒😒 #FixsenAFeast


22. "Quickly" washing your hair before school or bed is a myth.

You need to take at least half a day out to get that shit done.

23. You absolutely will not be able to straighten your hair in less than an hour.

three hours later and I'm still not done #thickhairproblems

You wish.

24. And air-drying your hair in less than an hour is equally impossible.

when ur hair won't fit in a portrait photo

Try an entire day.

25. But most importantly, you can't complain too much because while it can definitely be a pain, you know some people would kill to have the marvellous mane that you have.