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17 Things Only Children Want You To Know

We're not all spoilt loners who don't know how to share.

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1. Growing up an only child doesn't mean you get everything you want.

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Unless your parents are super nice or super wealthy, there is no rule that says only children get absolutely everything they ask for. The one time we can truly "have it all", however, is when we get the blame for something we can't pin on a sibling.


9. Contrary to popular belief, not all only children are selfish and don't know how to share.

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Some of us actually wish we had a sibling to share with, and even if not, we've usually learned the art of sharing from ~somewhere~.

11. Sometimes we envy bigger families.

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When your immediate family is just made up of you and your parents, you tend to imagine how different Christmases would be if you had other siblings to share it with.