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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Girl Who Hates Feelings

This hug is already five seconds longer than I'm comfortable with.

1. The idea of a weepy romantic comedy is completely lost on you.

VH1 / Via

You've never cried at The Notebook and you probably never will.

2. While many people find couples cute, you find them kinda gross. / Via

Please, for the sake of my stomach, leave your feels at home.

3. Because PDAs are the absolute worst and you will avoid them at all costs.

E! / Via

4. You're the worst person to bring to a wedding or funeral because you're always the only dry-eyed person in attendance.


5. You have no idea how people can be so open with their feelings, when you're barely willing to acknowledge yours.

6. Which can make dating pretty difficult sometimes.

7. It's not that you're completely emotionless, it's that you can't deal with too many emotions all in one go.

NBC / Via

8. So you'd rather stick to none.

9. Compliments make you cringe because you have no idea how to take them.

CBS / Via


10. Hugs are a formality you haven't quite come to grips with yet.

Screen Gems / Via

11. You avoid overly emotional people like the plague.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Take it somewhere else, I am unable to help you.

12. Since you're not a fan of embracing your feelings, it can be pretty awkward when people try to pour their hearts out to you.

13. And when a friend starts crying, you just sort of…pet them.

NBC / Via

I assure you my flailing arms of discomfort are only going to make you feel worse.

14. Being forced to "open up" is your least favourite activity.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

Accurate depiction of what it feels like to talk about your feelings.

15. Because you literally have no idea how to explain your emotions.

ITV / Via

16. You're way better at just brushing things off with a light-hearted joke.

NBC / Via

Yeah, this is sad, but you know what's sadder? CROCS. AMIRITE?!

17. Your closest friends know the best way to talk to you about your feelings is to not talk about them at all.

18. It sometimes feels as if people are just waiting for you to show your feelings, just so they can embarrass you about it.

OK, yes, I'm not a robot. Stop going on about it.

19. And in the rare event you do actually feel a sudden surge of emotion, you're convinced you must be dying.

NBC / Via

20. Or drunk.

NBC / Via

The only time you're willing to get somewhat personal with another human is while intoxicated. Mainly because you won't remember it the next day.

21. Either way, you'd rather leave the affection to people who are actually good at it.

amc / Via

And that does not include you.



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