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19 Things Everyone Without A MacBook Knows To Be True

Under the reign of Apple, only a brave few PC-owners survive...and they all hate MacBooks.

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1. The aggravating feeling that everyone and their dog seems to have a MacBook BUT you.

how come everyone has a macbook except me fuck who's dick did yall suck

Everyone has a MacBook and I'm just here murmuring to myself, "please work Toshiba, please print Toshiba. Don't freeze Toshiba".

In a coffee shop where everyone has a macbook except for me. My basicness is showing

In fact, so many people have MacBooks that not having one almost makes you the snarky hipster, which is bloody upsetting.

2. And that those shiny bastards are absolutely everywhere, glistening in the light of their own superiority complexes.

Apple / Via

Urgh, piss off.

3. Seriously.

Is there no haven that can't be tainted by their pervasive presence?

4. Occasionally you take the time to bask in the glory of your smart, economic decision not to spend £1000-plus on a laptop.

20th Century Fox / Via

Congratulations, you are now £600 richer than all your friends! Treat yo'self, you are the true winner in this game we call life.

5. And that you haven't sold your entire soul to Apple just yet.

E! / Via

Not like all those other sheeple.

6. But you still feel terribly awkward when you walk into a room and are greeted by this:

Here's a sea of said sheeple, sheeping around being their regular sheepy selves.

Here's a sea of said sheeple, sheeping around being their regular sheepy selves.

7. And THIS poor soul is you.

Fucking awkward, man.

Fucking awkward, man.

8. This might lead you to take some pretty desperate measures to fit in.

Maybe if I just get one of those stickers, all-white accessories, and cover it in one of those cool cases, no one will know I'm a fraud?

9. Or to get super overprotective of your poor, outcast baby.

"It's OK, baby. I still love you."

10. When people start with the "MacBooks are a good investment" spiel you give them the "whatever" look.

VH1 / Via


NBC / Via

Minesweeper or nah?

12. When you're faced with actually using a MacBook you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. / Via

This monkey is an accurate depiction of a PC user's first time on a MacBook. Sad.

13. Like why is the @ button over there? Where's the "print screen" button?

Using both a MacBook and PC laptop right now. I'm a mess. I can't copy and paste to save my life. Where's the right-click button??

Quite difficult not to take it as a personal attack when everyone but you knows to move their fingers up to scroll down.

14. You're constantly being dragged into this debate:

And you're inevitably outnumbered by about 100 to 1.

15. When you hear people complain about their expensive MacBook chargers you can't help but smile.

Fox / Via

"Oh, hey, it's not working? Costs a lot of money to replace, huh? I'll just sit here with my perfectly durable, affordable charger. Good luck finding someone that will let you borrow theirs ;)"

16. When the only other person you know on #TeamPC lets the side down and gets a MacBook instead you experience the burn of true betrayal.

FOX / Via


17. When you hear the words "why don't you just buy a Macbook?" you feel like you might do some serious fucking damage.

didyoureboot / Via

18. But most importantly, you know the feeling of pure, unadulterated pleasure when you see a proud MacBook user having trouble with their "masterpiece"...

IFC / Via

19. And get to utter the most satisfying words known to man.

NBC / Via

"You should've got a PC."