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    21 Things Every British Kid Did At School That Would Be Weird Now

    We've all tea-stained a piece of paper at some point.

    1. Laminated a folder as homework for a class.

    2. Or stained a piece of paper with tea and wrote a letter as some historic figure from the past.

    Matt Edward / Flickr: onespace / Creative Commons

    3. Used a blue paper towel to fix every injury possible.

    Sergarck / Getty Images

    Possible sprained wrist? Damp some blue toilet roll with water and plonk it on your hand, that'll fix it.

    4. Sprayed an inordinate amount of body spray all over your uniform.

    Hot UK Deals / Concord Extra

    You had way more than you needed.

    5. Got a sugar high off sherbet straws.

    ebay / user: a_novelty_4_you

    And pretty much every sweet you could buy from the tuck shop.

    6. Felt drunk with power after sitting on the year 6 bench in assembly for the first time.

    7. But felt like you'd drawn the short straw when you had to sit on one of these:


    8. Fought over who got the dirtier whiteboard.

    9. Used a buttercup to determine whether or not you like butter.

    BryanBrayley-Willmetts / Getty Images

    10. And squeezed your chin to see if you have a bum or a cherry.

    Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    11. Got fake engaged.

    12. And fake officiated a fake wedding.

    BuzzFeed Video /

    13. Learned the basics of programming by controlling a turtle.

    Logo Foundation / Via Twitter: @CChristoforos

    14. Chanted “WHO WANTS TO PLAY?” in a group in order to entice people to join your playground game.

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    15. Spent way too long agonising over this decision:


    16. And made ~interesting~ art in Paint.

    Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed / Via

    17. Desecrated a rubber in order for it to tell your fortune.

    Yes/no/maybe on a eraser used to answer all my life choices in junior school #PrimarySchool #GrowingUpBritish #YesNo

    18. Believed the blue side of a rubber could erase ink, which usually ripped your paper to shreds.

    The blue side doesn't Erase ink, it clears the smudges made by the red rubber #MindBlown

    19. Started a one-way friendship with SmarterChild.

    20. Used Tipp-Ex to give yourself a manicure.

    21. And thought this was the peak of fashion:

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