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21 Things Every British Kid Did At School That Would Be Weird Now

We've all tea-stained a piece of paper at some point.

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1. Laminated a folder as homework for a class.

3. Used a blue paper towel to fix every injury possible.

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Possible sprained wrist? Damp some blue toilet roll with water and plonk it on your hand, that'll fix it.


17. Desecrated a rubber in order for it to tell your fortune.

Yes/no/maybe on a eraser used to answer all my life choices in junior school #PrimarySchool #GrowingUpBritish #YesNo

18. Believed the blue side of a rubber could erase ink, which usually ripped your paper to shreds.

The blue side doesn't Erase ink, it clears the smudges made by the red rubber #MindBlown

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