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22 Dirty Tweets From 2017 That You'll Still Be Laughing At In 2018

Every year we stray further and further from God's light.

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1. The Worn Out Wand:

my clit watching me grab my hitachi magic wand for the 11th time this week

2. The Premature Guess:

I just yelled "YANKING ON THE DICK!" so loud all the birds in the neighborhood flew away

3. The Unacceptable Answer:

My mum asked if I had anything to suck on during the flight; apparently "idk what does the pilot look like" wasn't an acceptable answer

4. The Call and Response:

5. The Motivational Makeup Bag:

6. The Unexpected Dirty Talk:

7. The Divine Intervention:

8. The Valiant Vibration:

When you fall asleep with your vibrator in your hand because it showed out with them fresh batteries in it

9. The Two Moods:

10. The Simple Instruction:

"eat this pussy" FIRST OF ALL ..ok

11. The Good Dick:

12. The Strange Comparison:

You know the pussy good when you pull yo dick out, and it sound like you refreshing yo TL

13. The Disruptive Duck:

14. The October Surprise:

Every time u yawn in October, a ghost put his dick in ur mouth

15. The Horny Text Syndrome:

reading sexts you sent when ur not horny anymore and u can't believe those things went thru ur head

16. The Quick Realisation:

"did you cum" yeah to my senses, get out of my house

17. The Cry For Help:

my dick after pulling my pants down to masturbate for the 4th time in one day

18. The Clit Car:

19. The Expectation Vs. Reality:

How I want my valentines to end vs. how it will actually end

20. The Naughty Necklace:

He told me he got me a necklace with his name on it and....

21. The Cum Stain:

I have a cum stain on my sheets, how embarrassing!!

22. And The Meat Appreciation:

when the pipe got ya legs shakin and ya eyes rollin back in ur head

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