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21 Of The Most Hilarious Things People Have Done While High

The amount of people who have made friends with inanimate objects is shocking.

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2. The great disappointment.

Years ago, my former roommate and I found a ball of resin on our floor. We decided to stash it away until a day when we'd be really desperate. That day eventually came. We loaded the resin in the bowl with anticipation, touched the flame to it, and…nothing. We then realized it wasn't resin. It was an olive that had apparently fallen off a slice of pizza. We were sad.

Submitted by jennifern49169f1d8

3. The toilet terror.

The first time I got high I almost cried while my roommate tried to convince me I wouldn't be sucked into the toilet if I used it. After I finally did, I asked her to please tell me what the Indian music was that she was listening to 'cause it sounded so majestic and beautiful. It was Sara Bareilles.

Submitted by jnr0511


5. The fly named Will.

I was on a holiday weekend with some of my friends and we had been smoking all day. When we were hanging out by the campfire, a fly landed on my arm. I decided his name was Will, and I told him anything I needed to get off my chest. I even gave him a little kiss, but suddenly he took off. I cried and cried and cried, but a couple hours later, Will got back to my arm (in reality it was probably some other fly, but to me it was Will). I was the happiest man alive. One day I will meet him again….

Submitted by seppm

7. The invisible man.

I got so high once in college that I thought I was going invisible. I told my friends that I felt like I was invisible and they said, "Who said that?!" I yelled out, "I'm over here!!!!" waving my hands around, getting paranoid, and they started laughing at me. We still laugh about it today.

Submitted by Cmoneyhoney


8. The forgotten twin.

I called my mom on the phone and asked her to put my twin sister on the phone. When my mom told me I didn't have a twin, I began a heated argument about how she's inconsiderate and rude for not accepting my sister. As I walked around my friend's house yelling, I stumbled across a mirror on the wall and saw my twin. I broke down crying, apologising to my reflection for being the most loved out of the two of us. It took me a long-ass time to realise it was a mirror and not my sister, and when I DID realise I didn't have a twin, I cried harder.

Submmitted by KFCaf

10. The chip that lived.

The very first time I got high, I ended up taking four hits. I sat down and took a bite of a chip, but I couldn't figure out why I was having such a hard time eating it. I tried for a good 30 minutes, until I finally decided that I had gone through a lot with the chip, befriended him, and I couldn't eat him. I started to freak out when my friend's dog came over trying to eat my new chip friend. I'm happy to say the chip survived the dog attack, but he didn't make it through the night in my purse :( RIP chip.

Submitted by maribriktc

11. The pigeon play.

I once made a 30-minute video of pigeons, convinced I'd later do voiceovers for the pigeons and make a hilarious internet sensation.

Submitted by caseym4ff0ff516


13. The lightning strike.

Once while I was lying in bed, obviously fucked, I started to turn around to get to a more comfortable position. As I did this, static between the sheets started making tiny electrical arcs that freaked me out. My response was to just move around frantically, which only made the static worse. The end result was me flailing in my bed, convinced that I was constantly being struck by lightning.

Submitted by pacostacos

14. The epiphany.

I was really high at a Tribal Seeds concert, in the front row. I was jammin', singing along, when all of the sudden I had this epiphany. I had a groundbreaking experience where I thought – I mean really thought – about how addition worked. It was so beautiful that I cried. Right there. Front row of a concert. About math.

Submitted by gracem45d907c00


16. The panic pooper.

Smoking in a packed car on the way to a concert, one of my friends got incredibly paranoid and stressed us all out. The stress resulted in another friend barfing upon parking, so I convinced myself that we all had the stomach flu, and felt myself shit my pants. I could feel myself pooping and saw all these people staring at me, but once I got to the bathroom and pulled down my pants, there was absolutely no poop. I'd completely convinced myself I had shit my pants and was totally fine.

Submitted by meagann3

17. The waxy wonder.

The first time I ever got high, I thought I was made of wax. I literally thought that Madame Tussaud herself had turned me into a wax sculpture. For the rest of the night my friends had to stop me from poking myself.

Submitted by samanthah42cdc29b8

19. The muddy mistake.

I was 18, and my buddy and I couldn't smoke at his parents house. We walked down an embankment to smoke and not be seen, but the embankment was too steep to climb back up, so we were forced to cross a creek. My buddy made it across, but I was stuck knee-deep in dirt. I looked at him and started laughing, but soon realised that each giggle sunk me a little deeper. He went and got help when I was a little over waist deep and a group of people had to dig me out. The mud ate my shoes :(

Submitted by johns492429368


20. The nutty professor.

Once got so high and was just eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and thought, What could make this even better? Cough drops.

Submitted by hannahg487aa509c

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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