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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Mildly Irritated By Dressing Up

You don't hate it, but you don't, like, love it, you know?

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2. While everyone else seems to be VERY excited about the prospect of fancy dress...


"OMG, what are you gonna wear?! Have you finished your costume? I've already done mine!" Fuck, ok well, I'll just go as disappointment I reckon.

4. It's not that you really *hate* fancy dress. In fact, you appreciate it for all the great costumes...


5. ...all the hilarious creativity...

Crying the green ranger got on Timbs

(Although it kind of just makes you feel bad for being uninventive.)

6. ...and the bountiful joy it brings.

Like I said, my #Halloween costume is 🔥


9. Which means holidays like Halloween are particularly painful.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

While Chrissy Teigen's baby is possibly the cutest baby of all time, you can tell she just wants to be free from her hot dog hell.


14. So you'd rather just stay at home and live vicariously through other people's genius.

Twitter: @missouri_belle

Halloweens are basically you scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat looking at other people's costumes while you lie in bed.


17. And once you're all dressed and ready to go, there's the added embarrassment of having to get to your destination dressed in the most unflattering gear.

I love a good fancy dress party on The Tube #FrozenAtFinsburyPark