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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You're The Tallest In Your Friend Group

The fear that one day you may actually get mistaken for being your friend's mother.

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1. You automatically bend down for every group photo.

I always tend to bend down in group photos #tallgirlprobs lol but last night was fun :)

2. Because you usually only remember how tall you are in comparison to your friends when you look back at pictures.

And then it becomes ABUNDANTLY clear.

3. Especially if you're cut out of them :(

#tallgirlproblems @isabelkay50 @cdub1459 @payselbs @KatieLinder1


6. Or anyone’s shoes.

Nice shoes @GemmaCook_PR - hold on a minute... how big are your feet babes?! #tallgirlproblems

7. You're the designated selfie taker because you have the longest arms.

"Let the person with the longest arms take the selfie...that's usually me" -@karliekloss


12. You always get to call shotgun in the car because your legs simply will not fit in the back.

Being tall + car rides + no leg room = majorly uncomfortable. #tallgirlproblems 😩


19. You've been forced to be the big spoon so often that you've actually grown to love it.

Being the big spoon is so comfortable!!! Change the game ladies!!

20. At one point you've had the irrational fear that people will mistake you for being the parent of your shortest friend.

21. But there's nothing better than having a group of friends that conveniently double up as excellent arm rests from time to time.

That tall friend.... #tallgirlproblems