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26 Struggles Of Being The Token Black Girl

Please, stop asking me to teach you how to twerk.

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2. And doing each other's makeup is always a bit awkward when no one knows what to do with your face.

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Wearing foundation four shades lighter than your skin tone is *not* a good look.


5. Which, of course, leads people to touch it.

when u 4-5 seconds from wildin’ #blackgirlproblems :)


8. All your group pictures kind of have a theme.

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10. Your friends can never seem to understand why you can't sleep over at their house without having your trusty headscarf with you.


18. People have tried to speak to you in language that you yourself don't even understand.

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You don't have to greet me with a special handshake or refer to me as your "homie", my actual name will do.

20. It can be a tad ~uncomfortable~ when songs like "N*ggas In Paris" come on.

"Great, now I have to keep watch and see if any of my white friends say the N-word, fanfuckingtastic."

21. You're so used to being the token black girl that you've felt out of touch in a group full of black people.

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Because now you're "too white" for your black friends and "too black" for your white friends.


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