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    26 Struggles Of Being The Token Black Girl

    Please, stop asking me to teach you how to twerk.

    1. Shopping for makeup with your white friends can be a pretty painful experience.

    2. And doing each other's makeup is always a bit awkward when no one knows what to do with your face.

    3. People are stunned every time you change your hair.

    4. And you've definitely been asked what happens when your hair gets wet.

    5. Which, of course, leads people to touch it.

    when u 4-5 seconds from wildin’ #blackgirlproblems :)

    6. You feel a strong connection to any token black girl on TV.

    7. So you're always rooting for the one black girl in reality shows like The Bachelor.

    8. All your group pictures kind of have a theme.

    9. Literally. Every. Picture.

    10. Your friends can never seem to understand why you can't sleep over at their house without having your trusty headscarf with you.

    11. Or why your hair appointments take an entire day.

    12. People assume a group is automatically diverse just because you (and you alone) are there.

    13. And it can be pretty difficult explaining why your parents won’t let you out to that party.

    14. It seems to be an unwritten rule that you can twerk.

    15. And it's assumed that you have all the answers to every black question.

    16. You’re always nervous about asserting yourself because it’s often misinterpreted as being “aggressive” or “angry.”

    17. And you've been called a "diva" before.

    18. People have tried to speak to you in language that you yourself don't even understand.

    19. And you've been asked some silly questions regarding your skin colour.

    20. It can be a tad ~uncomfortable~ when songs like "N*ggas In Paris" come on.

    "Great, now I have to keep watch and see if any of my white friends say the N-word, fanfuckingtastic."

    21. You're so used to being the token black girl that you've felt out of touch in a group full of black people.

    22. And you know what it's like to be labelled an "oreo" or "coconut".

    23. Sometimes you feel as though your environment is subconsciously rubbing off on you.

    24. And you've been prone to an identity crisis or two.

    25. But despite the trials and tribulations that come along with being the token black girl.

    26. You still manage to keep it cute, and stay flawless.