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    21 Things All Girls Who Hate Bra Shopping Know To Be True

    Why the hell am I paying so much for a bra when I don't even want to wear one?

    1. Your hatred for bra shopping started at a young age, when your mum would drag you to the nearest department store to get measured.

    2. So now you only go shopping for a bra when you really need to.

    3. Which is usually when the bra you've been wearing consistently for about three weeks decides to finally give up on you.

    @VeraSweeney Idk why that is I have ONE favorite bra and it's broken... but I hate bra shopping #GettingGorgeous

    4. Entering the bra section immediately gives you a migraine.

    5. And the very thought of trying on so many bras is enough to exhaust you.

    6. It only takes a few minutes of searching for you to realise that the cute bra you fell in love with isn’t available in your size.

    7. In fact, nothing seems to be available in your size.

    Hate bra shopping!! All those and none fit. Awesome

    8. And that's if you can even remember what your bloody size is in the first place.

    When you're bra shopping and can't remember your bra size #GrowingUpAGirl

    9. If you've got big boobs, you're immediately jealous of girls with smaller boobs who seem to have way more choice.

    10. If you've got small boobs, you annoyingly have to wade through bras with a ridiculous amount of padding to find the right one.

    11. And if you have different sized boobs, there's always a bra that perfectly fits one boob and not the other.

    12. You frequently find yourself being distracted from the task at hand and playing around with the bras instead.

    Lol shopping for a competition bra 😂

    Or using this perfect opportunity to take mirror selfies in the changing room.

    13. You've learned the hard way not to bring anyone bra shopping with you who doesn't quite get it.

    the "im bra shopping with my wife" corner hahaha

    It's just one more miserable person in the room, begging to be set free.

    14. But when you're on your own, you miss having someone with you for a second opinion.

    15. You can't help but feel a little judged by the person fitting you for a new bra because your old bra is always in terrible condition.

    16. And you hate getting measured because it pretty much involves you being handed several bras that all look the same and panicking from there.

    17. No matter how many bras the sales assistant suggests, it's never quite right.

    18. And you don't realise how picky you are until you've been through 30 bras and only like 2.

    When you go bra shopping and the right hook is the number you like and the left is the ones you hate

    19. You're rarely ever prepared for the amount of money you'll have to spend on a bra once you've found one.

    Being a girl is hard when bras are this expensive😅

    20. Which leads you to wonder why you buy into this booby trap time and time again.

    Just finished my annual bra shopping extravaganza, I couldn’t agree with this more. Also: Help, I’m poor now.

    21. But there's nothing quite like finally finding a decent bra and relishing in the fact you won't ever have to come back again.