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    21 Struggles Only Lipstick Lovers Will Understand

    Erm, I think you've got some tooth on your lipstick...

    1. Simple tasks like having a drink can prove pretty difficult.

    2. Few people are brave enough to tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth.

    3. Going into a MAC store triggers an existential crisis...

    Nickelodeon / Via

    So many shades, so little time.

    4. ...And deciding what lipstick to wear in the morning is the ultimate headache.

    VH1 / Via

    5. No cup is safe while you're around.

    6. No food is safe either.

    7. Your pets aren't safe.


    9. Attempting to put lipstick on whilst in a car or on public transport is an absolute nightmare.

    10. Although nowhere near as bad as attempting to put on lipstick whilst drunk.

    NBC / Via

    11. Every handbag you own has evidence of your lipstick addiction in it.

    i just found three tubes of red lipstick in my purse what have i become

    12. A significant proportion of your time has been spent trying to find the right shade of nude.


    So now you have several that are almost but not quite right.

    13. Similarly, you own about six different shades of red. / Via

    Which you insist are all completely different and not similar in the slightest.

    14. There are some days when your lipstick does not want to stay on...

    15. ...And some days when your lipstick just does not want to come OFF.

    16. Trying to find a new lippie always results in you leaving the store like this:

    17. And seeing a lipstick you don't have on someone else gives you serious lipstick envy.

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    18. Your most heartbreaking moment is trying to convince yourself to leave a lipstick you really want but can't afford.

    19. Closely followed by overdrawing your lips after desperately trying to follow your lip line.

    20. Many have tried to get you to stop buying lipstick.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    21. But you know you can't because you look Too. Damn. Fabulous.

    Republic Records / Via