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    22 Special Skills All Millennials Have Mastered

    To ruin the planet with a single slice of avocado toast is an art form.

    1. Millennials have a very special talent for murdering things in cold blood.

    2. And when I say things, I mean everything you hold dear.

    3. They're not afraid to ruin the sacred tradition of lunch.

    4. Which leaves them lots of time to stock up on avocado toast instead of property.

    5. They have an excellent knack for ignoring the existence of cows.

    The Telegraph have officially run out of things to attack millennials for

    6. And they'll take a casual shit on the napkin industry any day of the week.

    7. They're really good at not having sex.

    8. And overlooking a good, old-fashioned boob.

    9. So of course, they slaughter relationships in the process.

    10. Millennials are really, really good at being poorer than their parents.

    11. Which I guess would explain why they murdered the vacation.

    12. And they're great at coming up with weird vendettas against things like groceries...

    13. ...or light yoghurt...

    14. ...or the humble, never-done-anything-to-anyone marmalade.

    15. They're especially good at being sensitive about EVERYTHING.

    Millennials are so easily offended. Like I went up to one and yelled NOBODY WILL EVER LOVE YOU and he cried? Millennials are aged 4-10 right

    16. And ruthlessly killing bar relying on oil.

    17. Every millennial has murdered a gym at one point.

    18. Or selfishly refused to buy diamonds because of "rent" or whatever.

    19. They can suffocate an entire industry right under your nose.

    20. And are way more invested in feeding themselves than any other generation has been.

    21. Truly, millennials have a special talent at ruining everything.

    You millennials and your obsession with public healthcare. Back in my day we just died

    22. So I guess that's why everything comes so goddamn easy.

    "kids these days have it too easy" said the generation that could buy a house on a wage from unskilled work at age 21

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