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19 Face Swaps That Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

1. You may have heard on the ol' ~social media grapevine~ that Snapchat has released a new face swap filter that turns innocent pictures like this...

2. ...into this.

3. People everywhere are using this filter to fuck with our minds and haunt our nightmares.

4. A picture of a father and daughter – ruined by this horrifying filter that just wants to see the world burn.

5. Regular objects are now plagued by floating human faces.

6. Unknowing suspects are given the faces of strangers.

Me and my sister were trying to do face swap and this happened 😭😂

7. There's absolutely no escape.

oh mY GOsh whaT is wROng WitH mE!!!😂 i really need to stop using the @Snapchat face swap filter!!😂

8. The phantom floating heads are everywhere.

9. Tell me, will you ever be able to unsee a faceless woman with a face in her NECK?!

10. What about a man with oranges for eyes and a shitty-looking banana for a mouth?

11. Or a child who appears to be morphing into Barney?

my sister wanted to do face swap with barney…

12. Do you think this cat deserves this?

13. Do either of these two people look happy to you?

14. Do you really think Starbucks lady would be OK with it all?

15. It's not just pictures, there are videos. Look at this man singing "I'm the Plug" with the face of AN ACTUAL PLUG.


I can't look away.

16. Admittedly the whole concept is quite clever, especially if you're lonely and looking for a friend.

when u dont have anyone to face swap with :(

Just conjure one up on the palm of your hand while looking like a badly drawn MONSTER.

17. But for the most part, it's just FUCKING WEIRD.


18. It's hilariously weird.

19. FUCK 👏 ING 👏 WEIRD 👏