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19 Slightly Shitty Moments Everyone With A Big Head Has Experienced

RIP all the headbands I've ever owned.

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2. And fitting your head inside a turtleneck is a nightmare.


6. Or have to let it lightly perch on your head because any more and you'll destroy it.

If you ask me, they never make these crowns large enough. #MerryChristmas #bigheadproblems

8. And every fashion trend that involves your head becomes a complete write-off.

finally found some flower crowns to fit my head #bigheadproblems


9. When a hat says "one size fits all" and you know it's a goddamn LIE.

This is a lie!!!!!! 😔😞 #BigHeadProblems

10. When you're suddenly aware of how big your head looks in a picture and your friend refuses to delete it.

"Get my head smaller" 😭😭😭

11. When it seems as though the person who invented graduation caps purposely designed them to fuck with you.

Instagram: @aguirreaj97

12. And no helmet seems to ever come in your size.

Mums got a motorbike helmet. Naturally I tried to see if it would fit me. It doesn't 😒 #bigheadproblems

Why must everyone else's skulls be so small.

13. When your hair takes twice as long because your head is determined to ruin everything.

I can barely fit under this dryer...😝😝😝 #bigheadproblems


15. And every pair of sunglasses you try on is just way too tight.

My life goal/dream is to fit into a hat and normal people sunglasses. #bigheadproblems #fattie 😷

19. And when you're terribly paranoid that this is you at every event:

This guy with a big head is blocking the game...

"I'm really sorry if my head is in the way."

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