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    54 Slightly Odd Things That Secretly Happen At Every Girls' School

    Girls shamelessly pulling up their tights in the middle of the corridor.

    1. A uniform that’s the worst shade of any primary colour.

    2. A love-hate relationship with the school nearby.

    3. Especially if it’s a boys’ school.

    4. An ~actual~ relationship between at least one girl and one of the nearby boys that lasts a grand total of two weeks.

    5. A plethora of hairy legs hidden under the reliable barrier of an uncomfortable pair of 40 Denier tights.

    6. A sixth form dress code that prohibits spaghetti straps, hats, short skirts, “inappropriate jewellery”, anything “too revealing” and forces you to look like a nun.

    7. A staunch belief that if you just ignore certain bits of the dress code, they’ll just stop enforcing it.

    8. An understanding that wearing tracksuit bottoms under your skirt after sport is totally fine.

    9. And draping your jumper over your shoulders instead of tying it round your waist is ~cool~.

    10. An incredibly high volume of lesbian jokes.

    11. And at least one instance of juicy lesbian gossip.

    12. A disco that several people will only buy tickets for because there’s a 95% chance boys will be there.

    13. And a general acceptance that being asked to dance is a BIG DEAL.

    14. People secretly keeping tally of just how many times they’ve been asked to dance.

    15. A couple that insists on slow dancing to “Yeah!” by Usher.

    16. An unwritten rule that every girl must have at least one bottle of body spray in her possession for sweaty days and/or smoking behind the bins.

    17. And that one out of every three girls will have a spare pad or tampon if you forget to bring one in.

    18. If not, there’s always the tampon cupboard.

    19. Periods being used as an excuse to get out of P.E.

    20. Unless your teacher is the one who believes exercise helps your period pain.

    21. A “marriage” between two best friends with a crowd of classmates as witnesses.

    22. Sleepovers that involve no sleep.

    23. But do involve a two hour allotted slot specifically for bitching.

    24. Group toilet breaks in which only one person actually pees.

    25. The random, not-quite-old-and-balding-but-definitely-not-young-enough-for-a-student male teacher who’s the object of everyone’s desires.

    26. The one girl who lost her virginity first and became the Oracle on all things sexual.

    27. And everyone somehow knowing how many people in the year have had sex.

    28. Girls shamelessly pulling up their tights in the middle of the corridor.

    29. Girls rolling their skirts up in the toilet.

    30. And promptly being asked to roll them back down.

    31. Putting Tipp-Ex on your nails to give yourself a manicure.

    32. Unnecessary bitching out of pure boredom.

    33. On again, off again friendships that last for two months at a time.

    34. An argument over friendship groups.

    35. An argument over your best friend seemingly getting another best friend.

    36. An argument over possessions.

    37. An argument over being left out.

    38. An argument over literally nothing.

    39. A diminutive interest in looking “nice” because there are generally no people to impress ever.

    40. Unless it’s “Own Clothes Day”.

    41. Gym kits being carried in Jane Norman and JD Sports bags.

    42. A group of girls that only ever wear their hair in messy buns.

    43. Hour long conversations about romantic encounters that are based on a few texts from your crush and the time you almost held hands once.

    44. Weird school traditions that are way too hard to explain.

    45. Boyfriends picking up their girlfriends after school and being the talk of the town for days afterwards.

    46. Slapping butts and threatening nipple cripples being completely socially acceptable.

    47. A girl who leaves school and immediately transforms into a completely different person.

    48. Gossip that will last approximately two minutes before spreading around the school.

    49. Casual bra adjustments.

    50. And makeshift salons at lunchtime in which someone will be getting their eyebrows done.

    51. Detailed, graphic, and hilarious conversations about periods.

    52. And poo.

    53. And sex.

    54. And synced periods being the ultimate proof of a true, close friendship.