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    23 Slightly Odd Things Every Makeup Addict Is Guilty Of Doing

    The world of a makeup addict is weird and wonderful.

    1. Prevented yourself from experiencing regular human emotion because you have a full face of makeup on.


    2. Given up on the prospect of being on time just to perfect your dodgy eyeliner.

    3. Been way too concerned with someone else's appearance.

    Twitter: @feminine

    "I just wanna help youuuu."

    4. Mourned the loss of a product as if it were your first-born child.

    me: brynna why is there broken foundation on the counter b: i dropped it but I can't throw it away bc it's expensive

    5. Used your hand like a paint palette.

    I just realized I have $200 worth of Anastasia liquid lipstick on my hand wow

    Hand swatches for life.

    6. Used a receipt to blot your lipstick.

    Had to blot my lipstick on the back of a receipt / who wants this is as their next tattoo? 💋

    (Or any other form of paper.)

    7. Thrown a strop because your latest makeup attempt didn't work out.


    8. Gone to a makeup store when you know full well you're broke and can't afford to buy anything.

    9. Made this face:

    I feel like every girl does this face while putting mascara on

    10. Found any excuse not to clean your makeup brushes.


    11. Looked at old pictures to make yourself feel better about your current makeup abilities.

    David Klein / Getty Images
    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Miracles really do happen.

    12. Followed some sort of ridiculous beauty trend because it promised good results.

    Twitter: @_zoeymcguire

    Usually it's nothing quite as extreme as the #KylieJennerChallenge though.

    13. Been obsessed with watching YouTube tutorials.

    report due? watch makeup tutorial ur boyfriend cheated on u? watch makeup tutorial ur life is falling apart? watch makeup tutorial

    14. And felt both awe and envy every time you watched a beauty vlogger.

    Howwww do they do it? :(

    15. Purposely stayed outside longer than you intended because not enough people had witnessed the excellence of your makeup.


    16. Managed to see makeup potential in the weirdest of places.

    17. Put on a fresh coat of lipstick and had to approach all food and drink like this:

    when ur wearing lipstick and u don't want to get it anywhere on ur food or drink

    18. Used more cotton buds on your eyes than you ever have for your ears.

    What my q tip always look like when i try to put my cat eyeliner

    19. Bought several of the same shade of lipstick and convinced yourself they're "slightly different".

    20. Become a slight hoarder of a certain product.

    @glowkit does makeup packaging count?? Lmao I'm a hoarder of empty makeup packaging I can't get rid of it 😭

    (Even if it is just the packaging.)

    21. Done this sexy move to remove excess lipstick:

    22. Contemplated not going out after fucking up your fake eyelashes several times in a row.

    People underestimate how difficult it is to put false eyelashes on and not look like you have dead spiders falling off your eyelids.

    23. And experienced a mixture of disgust, pride, and weird satisfaction while looking at your dirty makeup wipe.

    My makeup remover wipe from tonight looks like abstract art

    Good job, me.