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19 Slightly Odd Things Every Fitbit Owner Has Been Guilty Of

Don't you dare say it's "just a pedometer".

1. Paced on the spot because you're only a few hundred steps from your goal.

2. Got unnecessarily upset when you forgot to sync your Fitbit before midnight.

3. Or wanted to cry after realising you'd been walking around with a dead Fitbit all day.

4. Taken the Workweek Hustle Challenge a little too seriously.

I took 59,879 steps in the Workweek Hustle challenge! #fitbit and beat @anniejackson_uk 😏

5. And unleashed a competitive side you never knew you had.

6. Cared more about validation from your Fitbit than actual human people.

7. Felt a slight sense of victory when your watch buzzed to tell you you'd reached your goal.

8. And got a little too excited when you received a notification about a new award you just earned.

I climbed 4,000 floors with my #Fitbit and earned the 747 badge.

9. Compulsively checked your wrist several times in an hour.

10. Mentioned your Fitbit in any possible situation, despite knowing the other person probably doesn't care.

11. Taken an overly keen interest in your sleeping habits.

The amount of sleep I get is so inconsistent lol but gosh darn do I love my Fitbit!!!!

And suddenly it becomes your life's mission to know why you're always so restless at night.

12. Deemed all exercise pointless if you leave your Fitbit at home.

13. And refused to move when your Fitbit is on charge.

14. Considered buying your Fitbit some jewellery to make it look a little more presentable.

15. Suddenly found the idea of taking the stairs riveting.

16. Worn your Fitbit on a night out so you could benefit from all of the dancing you would be doing.

17. Sneakily shaken your Fitbit in the hope it will gain you a few more steps.

18. Got ultra defensive when someone had the nerve to refer to your Fitbit as a pedometer.

19. And finally, felt an instant connection with anyone you spot wearing that special band.