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17 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Throw Everything In The Bin

What is seen here cannot be unseen.

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1. Let's start off light — feast your eyes on this soap that's had a mysterious bite taken out of it.

2. Now imagine this annoying eyelash bugging you for an entire day.

There’s an eye lash in my eye lmao

3. Marvel at this limp piece of dead skin that's been peeled from a sunburn.

4. And admire this ridiculous foot skin that's as impressive as it is gross.

5. There's no doubt that this is nothing less than a TERRIBLE idea.

Instagram: @skin

6. And yet here we are, wondering how this terrible idea came into fruition.

goodnight everyone look I have glitter in my eye

7. This punctured fingernail looks so painful it almost makes you wanna look away.

8. But accidents happen, particularly when you're curling your eyelashes, apparently.

9. This ingrown hair is just waiting to be plucked and removed.

10. And this pore strip may be satisfying to some and revolting to others.

11. Have you ever wondered what's under your crusty keyboard keys? Here's three years worth of damage.

12. Or you can just imagine what would happen if rocks had DISGUSTING TEETH.

13. For some reason, an individual saw it fit to put baked beans in a pair of Crocs and create this atrocity.

14. Then THIS was made with the sole purpose of haunting your dreams.

Twitter: @ttwittaa

15. The pus in this pimple looks like it wants to escape almost as much as you do from this post.

16. But we're not done yet, only a few more monstrosities to go.

17. And of course, the crème de la crème of uncomfortable images.