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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Sale Shopping

Your favourite game is “guess how much I got this pair of shoes for?”

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1. While the sale section may seem like a nightmare to the average shopper, it’s your personal haven.

So many bargains, so little time.


4. And you’re a whizz with percentages.

@richberra percentages in real life.. Subtract sale% from 100%. multiply by original price = saleprice #lifechanging


10. You often buy clothes out of season simply because the prices have been cut down so low.

Bikinis are on sale @oliviahysinger 😳😍

Don't mind me, just buying bikinis in the middle of winter, no big deal.


13. “Sale”, “clearance” and “50% off” are like music to your ears.

I /love/ clearance sales. #shopping #booyeahbiiitch


16. And your expert knowledge in bargain retail means you're personally offended when brands try to pass off shoddy markdowns as a "sale".

Such a bargain, @ASOS sales are so good right now

Don't play me. I know what you're doing.

18. And even though sale shopping isn't always for everybody...

This is precisely why I HATE sale shopping! #topshop

It really does take a certain kind of person to ignore the mess a sale usually brings.