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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Sale Shopping

Your favourite game is “guess how much I got this pair of shoes for?”

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1. While the sale section may seem like a nightmare to the average shopper, it’s your personal haven.

So many bargains, so little time.

2. Whether it's in store, online, or rummaging through charity shops, you absolutely cannot resist a good bargain.

3. Your mental maths has improved significantly since you began calculating how much you're saving in your head.

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4. And you’re a whizz with percentages.

@richberra percentages in real life.. Subtract sale% from 100%. multiply by original price = saleprice #lifechanging

5. Even when you say you won't do any more shopping, you’ll always make an exception for a good sale.


Because it's not really spending if you're saving this much.

6. One of your favourite games is “guess how much I got this pair of shoes for?"

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7. And whenever someone compliments your outfit, you immediately reply with “thanks! I got it on sale!”


8. Black Friday and Boxing Day sales are when you completely come into your own.

9. And you know how to navigate them like a pro.


10. You often buy clothes out of season simply because the prices have been cut down so low.

Bikinis are on sale @oliviahysinger 😳😍

Don't mind me, just buying bikinis in the middle of winter, no big deal.

11. You pride yourself on rarely buying things full price.


12. And when you enter a shop, you go straight to the sale section.


13. “Sale”, “clearance” and “50% off” are like music to your ears.

I /love/ clearance sales. #shopping #booyeahbiiitch

14. And there’s nothing more satisfying than finding out a sale item is even cheaper than you thought once you get to the till.

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15. “I’ll wait until it’s on sale” is your most used phrase while shopping.

16. And your expert knowledge in bargain retail means you're personally offended when brands try to pass off shoddy markdowns as a "sale".

Such a bargain, @ASOS sales are so good right now

Don't play me. I know what you're doing.

17. Everything you know about patience and perseverance has come from your years of scouring the sale racks to find your size.


It can be taxing, but it always pays off.

18. And even though sale shopping isn't always for everybody...

This is precisely why I HATE sale shopping! #topshop

It really does take a certain kind of person to ignore the mess a sale usually brings.

19. ...for you, it is perfect.

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