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22 Struggles You've Definitely Encountered If Makeup Is Not Your Forté

BRB spending an hour repeatedly fucking up my winged eyeliner.

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2. And you never have the patience to make it work anyway.

every girl knows this struggle! 😩😂

3. You've pretty much been doing your makeup the same way for years.

i have been doing my makeup exactly the same for 9 years


4. Because whenever you try something new it usually ends in disaster.

accurate representation of what it's like when you can't get your makeup right

6. And you're a regular offender of rubbing your eyes when you have makeup on and ruining all your hard work.

Forgot I was wearing eyeliner & rubbed my face. Now I guess I gotta go join a Guerrilla army or something


11. Everyone else's makeup collection seems to look like this:


13. You've never been that great at finding your exact colour foundation.

Me trying to find the right shade of foundation for my stupidly pale skin.

14. And you can barely manage to put your makeup on without getting it all over your clothes.


18. And lipstick frustrates you because it never seems to want to stay put.


20. And this is what your eyebrows look like: