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19 Things Spin Instructors Won't Tell You

FYI: We can tell when you haven't turned your resistance up high enough.

1. Teaching your first spin class is even more terrifying than being a participant for the first time.

2. Listening to music will never be the same once you become a spin instructor.

3. We can tell when your resistance isn't high enough.

4. Or when you pretend to "turn it up" and don't do anything at all.

5. Our playlists are carefully curated and usually take a fucking age to prepare.

6. Which means we do a lot of listening to spin playlists in our spare time.

7. You do eventually get used to the uncomfortable feeling of straddling a saddle several times a week.

8. We actually appreciate it when you make encouraging whooping sounds.

9. Because there's nothing more awkward than trying to teach an entirely silent class.

10. There are days when even we are unsure how and why our legs are still working.

11. We would rather you slow down and perfect your technique than show off and injure yourself.

12. When we say to have "a bit of resistance on" for sprint tracks, we're NOT JOKING.

13. Spin classes (and their instructors) are nowhere near as intimidating as they seem.

14. And it's always super rewarding to see someone who struggled at first slowly improve and grow to love spinning just as much as we do.

15. Many of us go to spin conventions or "spinathons" that last hours at a time and actually enjoy it.

16. We're usually dying on the bike just as much as you are.

17. At one point or another, we've all been sent this video.

"Is this what your class is like?"

18. It makes our day when you come up to us and say it was a "great class" or thank us on your way out.

19. There's nothing like seeing the whole class on beat and in the groove.