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    22 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Coventry

    They don't call it "sending you to Coventry" for nothing.

    1. Firstly, Coventry is just dreadful.

    2. Why would you ever want to visit? There's absolutely nothing there.

    3. I mean, for the 10th largest city in England, it's pretty boring.

    4. There really isn't much to see.

    5. It has a piteous excuse for a cathedral.

    6. And an even more pitiful assortment of pubs.

    7. The architecture is definitely nothing to write home about.

    8. It's all just old and boring.

    9. And the houses are incredibly ugly.

    10. A complete eyesore.

    11. Why on earth would you choose to live here?

    12. They don't even have a bloody art gallery.

    13. The weather is always terrible.

    14. Flowers don't even grow in Coventry, it's that horrific.

    15. And don't even get me started on the lack of trees.

    16. The few trees that actually grow there look just as miserable as you'd imagine.

    17. And when it snows, it looks nothing like a winter wonderland at all.

    18. Is it too much to ask to have a little water?

    19. To see a bit of wildlife?

    20. To admire a sunset or two?

    21. Just don't go to Coventry. You'll completely regret it.

    22. It's the worst place ever.