19 Times Feminists Were The Funniest People On Tumblr

    Masters of the clap back, forever and always.

    1. When this conversation took a surprising turn.

    2. When someone had the best idea for a pregnancy party.

    3. When this imagined post was pretty damn accurate.

    4. When irony was completely lost.

    5. When bra sizes were way more complicated than they're given credit for.

    6. When self-respect came in its best form.

    7. When Mad Max suddenly seemed incredibly appealing.

    8. When someone had a cunning plan.

    9. When Carson was being the absolute worst.

    10. When a certain criticism made no sense.

    11. When feminism was called "brainwashing".

    12. When this boyfriend ad was legendary.

    13. When the importance of intersectional feminism was made crystal clear.

    14. When the power of feminism was stronger than we all thought.

    15. When this newcomer was slowly starting to learn.

    16. When this person was almost there, but not quite.

    17. When there was always another unrealistic standard to adhere to.

    18. When there was absolutely nothing to hide.

    19. And when the tables were turned.