19 Things Stationery Addicts Do That No One Else Does

    No one should care about line widths this much.

    1. Trying and discarding numerous pens because they don’t ~feel right~.

    2. And writing the same random word or sentence over and over to determine which pen should be The One.

    3. Refusing to start a new project without buying a new notebook.

    4. Even if you don't need one.

    Is it possible to have too many notebooks? #WritersLife

    You can never have too many anyway.

    5. Hesitating to write on the first page of a notebook in case you mess it up.

    6. Or ripping the page out completely because it’s not up to your standards.

    7. Feeling a twinge of panic whenever someone asks to borrow your pen.

    8. And feeling a sense of loss like no other when you lose your favourite pen.

    9. Feeling super passionate about line widths and refusing to buy a notebook that doesn't accommodate your line preference.

    @IssyOrmsby @ellie_clinton @niamh_toner narrow ruled paper over you any day 🗒

    Narrow ruled paper forever.

    10. Because writing on any other lines just feels wrong.

    when you ask someone for paper but they give you wide ruled

    It may not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me, OK?!

    11. Getting extra excited about starting a new job or going back to school because you get to buy even more stationery.

    12. Feeling both admiration and envy at a beautiful piece of handwriting.

    13. And slightly falling in love with some stunning calligraphy.

    14. Buying special pens for the specific purpose of decorating your bullet journal.

    15. Feeling like you’ve achieved a personal goal for having completed an entire notebook.

    16. Feeling instantly calmed by a good-looking desk and a well-organised stationery set.

    17. Buying more than one diary in a year because you accidentally missed a few weeks, stopped using it, and felt compelled to replace it.

    18. Daydreaming about owning only monogrammed stationery with your name or initials on it.

    19. And feeling an instant affinity with anyone who likes stationery half as much as you do.