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27 Pictures You'll Understand If You Went To School In South London

You've probably read the great novel that is "Keisha The Sket".

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6. You remember when people used to slick down the sides of their hair with gel.

Remember when them girls use to slick down there hair like this

And if it wasn't the sides, you were probably slicking your fringe to your forehead.


14. It was perfectly normal to wear numerous ribbons in your hair.

Happy birthday!!! please bring back the ribbons in hair trend. Love you 💞


18. With an awkward side pout...

19. Or with one hand out, which was supposed to resemble blowing a kiss.

#whenitwascoolto do this *Edit pictures not the pose btw* @DREWSTAHH

But it usually looked as if you were just reaching your hand out for some food.

20. If you got the train to school, this was the best sight you could hope for.

#growingupinlondon used to pray for the barriers to be open when you had no money for travel card