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    22 Pictures You Need To Stare At For At Least Five Seconds

    Wait, what am I looking at?

    1. This isn't just a woman who enjoys staring at strangers.

    i thought this lady was fuckin staring at me for 5 minutes till i realized it was a magazine

    2. These drinks will make you do a double take.

    3. This lens flare looks very familiar if you're a fan of South Park.

    Eric Cartman, anyone?

    4. This nativity scene isn't all that it seems.

    (Clue: Look out for the Star Wars character)

    5. This photo will take you a while to get your head around.

    6. This looks like two animals at once.

    7. This looks like an intense competition between celebs.

    8. This septic tank looks like it's getting ready to present Simba to the Pride.

    9. And this faucet may remind you of a certain animation.

    10. This motorbike isn't doing exercise.

    11. And this professor hasn't just had an accident.

    It's just the reflection of the chairs.

    14. These vases hold a surprise if you look in the space between them.

    15. And these jugs seem to be having the most wonderful union.

    16. This girl doesn't have three legs.

    17. There isn't a miniature chandelier floating in this coffee.

    18. This stain looks like a Very Good Boy.

    19. Contrary to what you might think, there aren't two seasons happening at the same time here.

    20. And this figurine isn't having a bowel movement.

    21. This bug looks like it's scaling an entire building.

    22. And lastly, celebrity spotting on Judge Judy may be the most confusing of them all.

    These Niggas on Judge Judy suing each other over Yugi Cards. I’m trying to figure out why Amy schumer & Angelina Jo…

    Turns out she was on it, btw. (Angelina, however, was not.)

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