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    22 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Lipstick

    You leave your mark of territory wherever you go.

    1. When you're thirsty, but want to protect your pout at all costs.

    When ur wearing lipstick & gotta use a straw

    2. And every cup has your mark of territory on it, so you at least know it's yours.

    3. When you finally get a chance to look in the mirror and notice you've had lipstick on your teeth for the best part of a day.

    Having lipstick on your teeth is such a good look

    And nobody told you :/

    4. So you have to do this odd move to prevent further embarrassment. / Via

    Pouting and sticking your finger in your mouth to remove excess lipstick is a tiny bit gross, but it kind of works.

    5. Or just walk around "discreetly" doing this:

    Twitter: @iamellecrawford

    Don't mind me, just compulsively licking my teeth while we talk.

    6. When you brush your teeth after applying your lipstick and end up with a toothbrush that looks like this:

    7. When you get lipstick on someone's cheek and have to frantically wipe it off before they notice.

    I got lipstick on his cheek and he was too turnt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Because no one wants a lipstick-stained cheek.

    8. And your hair pushes your patience by constantly getting stuck to your lips.

    You spend a lot of time picking stray hairs off your lips and trying not to lose your shit.

    9. When your hour of lipstick shopping leaves you with an arm like this:

    My hand after looking for a lipstick πŸ’„

    10. And a very, very sore mouth.

    TBS / Via

    It's totally worth it to find the right shade though.

    11. Because an innocent trip to the makeup store almost always turns into a full-blown lipstick haul.

    Twitter: @JodieCousins

    It's when we're at our most vulnerable that several lipsticks magically appear in our possession.

    12. When your bag reveals a secret pocket where a good proportion of your lipsticks are stashed.

    Twitter: @yoyoheather

    You can find about half of your lipstick collection in there.

    13. And when you can't find anything to blot your lips with, so you're forced to improvise with whatever you can find.

    When ur late & ur trying to put on some lipstick and u gotta blot ur lips and u can't find a tissue πŸ˜‚

    14. When you accidentally leave your lipstick in your pocket and it melts to a sad, slightly wonky mess.

    15. Or just breaks off completely, breaking your heart.

    Twitter: @Loviexo33

    Gone, but not forgotten, sweet lipstick.

    16. When you experience the intense satisfaction of organising all your lipsticks in a row.

    When your lipstick collection is more organized than your life.πŸ’„πŸ˜© #MUA

    17. And when you crack open a brand new lipstick, and immediately fall in love.

    What's more perfect... My nails or this brand new lipstick πŸ˜πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’‹ #happygirl

    18. When the worst happens:

    19. But then you find it two days later on the floor, looking slightly worse for wear.

    20. When you decide to have a "no lipstick" day and immediately feel naked without it.

    My makeup looks good but I feel naked without my lipstick πŸ˜•

    "This was a mistake."

    21. And when people claim you wear "too much lipstick", and you're forced to set the record straight.

    Imaan Sheik for BuzzFeed

    FYI, "too much lipstick" is a myth we're told to keep us from being our best selves.

    22. Because everything is better with a little bit of lippy.

    I feel naked without lipstick πŸ’„πŸ‘„ #MUDperfectlips #lipstickaddict #mudbelgium

    Own it.

    L'Oreal Paris / Via

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