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22 Photos That Won't Make Sense To People With Perfect Nails

You know the frustration of having one vertically challenged nail that refuses to grow at the same rate as all the others. :/

1. When you try with all your might to attempt some ~cool nail art~ and it doesn't quite go to plan.

2. I mean, really doesn't go to plan.

3. And you just have to accept that you're actually quite shit at any kind of art whatsoever.

4. When one of your acrylics makes a run for it and you have to desperately resist the urge not to snap the rest off.

5. And you're forced to walk around like this all day.

6. When you attempt to paint your nails neatly first time round and manage to get the majority of the polish around your nails instead.

7. And when you paint your nails before bed, and wake up with the pattern of your duvet imprinted on them.

8. When only one hand wants to cooperate with your vision.

9. And you accidentally get nail polish on something straight after finishing a manicure.

Twitter: @_Brodacious

And it's usually something white.

10. When you leave your nails to dry for what feels like 10 years and they smudge anyway.

11. So you have to go to extraordinary lengths to protect them.

12. When your nail polish starts chipping after a day and you wonder why you even bloody bothered in the first place.

13. Especially when your pedicure seems to stay on forever.

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed / Via

14. When your Shellac starts peeling just a tiny bit and before you know it you've peeled the whole manicure off.

Twitter: @Bryana_RN

Because it's so goddamn satisfying.

15. When your nails refuse to be the same length.

16. And when they finally seem to be getting there, until one of them rudely betrays you.

Twitter: @belletundexo

Nail betrayal is a real thing.

17. When your nails are so brittle that this is a regular occurrence.

18. And when you fall victim to the dreaded hang nail.

Twitter: @MissUnndastood

And fear that if you pull it too far you'll end up pulling all the skin on your finger off.

19. When you're forced to use a random rough object to file your nails because you never have an actual nail file handy.

20. And when your compulsive nail-biting forces you to buy one of these.

21. When your nails are five coats too thick from repainting them over and over again.

22. And when you finally get your nails just right, and suddenly your perfectly manicured hand becomes a really important centrepiece in all your photos.

Twitter: @Kalisha_Nelson

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – the people need to know.

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