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19 Photos That Won't Make Sense To You If You Don't Wear A Bra

A bra is a purse, a crumb catcher, but most of all, the ultimate booby trap.

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1. When your bra tries to stab you.

Remee Patel /

Punctured boob AND you can no longer wear that bra.

2. And when it gives you horrible, sore strap burns.

3. When your bra acts as storage for leftovers.

4. Or as an extra safe purse.

Michaeljung / Getty Images

5. When your padded one gets dented in the wash.

Lumpy boobs :(.

6. When your bra strap refuses to stay in position.

7. And when you have to start adding in clips to keep them in place.

8. Or tie it around your top because you've completely run out of options.

9. When you have to keep pulling up your strapless bra.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

10. And when your bra is so uncomfortable you have to adjust it every five seconds.

Paramount Pictures

11. When your bra ruins a perfectly good outfit.

12. And even manages to show off when it's UNDER a shirt.

13. When your bra gives you those awkward tan lines.

14. When you have to buy some of these bad boys to give the girls a little boost.

I got chicken fillets off my secret Santa. Thanks mate ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

15. Or when the girls are a little too full for the bra and you end up with the "four boob" effect.

16. When you attempt to take off a sweaty sports bra.

Columbia Pictures

17. When you're reminded of how expensive those booby traps really are.

18. When you can't reach around to do up your bra and so opt for the "front clasp and twist around" method.

19. And finally, when you get to take it off at the end of the day.



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