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21 Pictures That Will Only Slightly Piss You Off

Because life is frustrating as fuck. H/T mildlyinfuriating

1. This single chocolate chip in a sad tub of ice cream.

2. This terribly sliced pizza.

3. This pair of scissors that is only usable once opened with another pair of scissors.

4. And this screwdriver that needs another screwdriver to set it free.

5. This frustratingly off floor pattern.

6. This remote control that could have TRIED to put the 9 in the right place, but just...didn't.

7. This person who has no care for keeping their pizzas from smushing together.

Only a serial killer would carry pizzas like this

8. This ridiculously designed staircase.

9. This Reese's Peanut Butter cup without the joy of the peanut butter.

10. This ice cream theft by a winged demon.


11. This awful cereal order.

12. This deck that looks worse the longer you stare at it.

13. This person who has no care for the anxiety of other people.

14. Whoever invented this and thought it was a good idea.

Everyday we stray farther from God's light

15. This nonsensical alphabet arrangement.

16. This bad, blueberry-less muffin.

17. This person who clearly didn't read the instructions.

18. This cream cheese bagel that is more cream cheese than bagel.

19. This tile design that has no idea what the fuck it's doing.

20. This light switch that could've fitted perfectly in its slot, but doesn't.

21. And whoever the hell had the nerve to do this.