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19 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For All-Girl Friend Groups

"Does anyone have a tampo-" *instant nod* "THANK GOD, YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER."

1. When you're preparing for a massive gossip session.

Twitter: @ephemeralvibes

There's always someone who screams "Wait! wait! I'm not ready!" to ensure you don't start without them.

2. When you're caught short and one of your friends has to bail you out with "the secret handshake".

Twitter: @cynthiabreene

"Do you have a-" *instant nod* "THANK GOD, YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER"

3. And this all too real situation:

4. When you and your besties have a girls' night in.

Instagram: @adele

There's nothing like a pamper evening in which you get as ugly as possible to bring out your inner beauty.

5. And when you see someone you dislike.

Columbia Pictures

Any person that fucks over one of the squad gets automatically added to the shit list.

6. When your group chats mainly consist of deep and intimate conversations about bodily functions.

Twitter: @marissareedex

Because naturally you need a second, third, and fourth opinion.

7. When you and your girls have to live together and share a shower.

Twitter: @_elizabethsm

So. much. hair. everywhere.

8. When your periods sync and everyone starts losing their shit at the same time.

NBC / Via Twitter: @Payyyyyyyyy1

"Wait, when do you start again? Just so I know when I'm going to."

9. When someone gets a confusing text from their crush and the whole squad chips in to analyse it.

Gibson Girls Magnifying Glass Charles Dana Gibson

"They put two kisses this time when they usually put one. Now girls, what does this mean?"

10. When your friends give you dating advice.

11. When everyone's getting ready to go out at the same time and the room looks like a shit show.

*picks up random piece of makeup from the pile* "Whose mascara is this?! Can I use it?"

12. And when you all attempt to share a mirror.

EMI / Via

13. When one of you gets way too drunk at pre-drinks.

Columbia / Via

And inevitably gets too smashed to go to the club.

14. And when you're out with your girls and become the ultimate force to be reckoned with.

Big Machine / Republic / Via

There's nothing like a team of great wing women.

15. When someone in the group gets into a relationship and you're all not quite ready to let them go.

Twitter: @RlHReact

"We, the group, demand pictures, regular updates, and a mandatory meetup for this situation to be OK."

16. And when the group is faced with some tough but equally as important decisions.

17. When someone needs the toilet and at least one other person in the group has to escort them.

Travelling (to the toilet) together #relationshipgoal #goals

(Just to make sure.)

18. When you've all come a very long way as a group.

Twitter: @annabellmesaa

*brings up group picture from 2007* *never speaks about it again*

19. And when your girl group is basically your family.

Walt Disney / Via Twitter: @woahdanielle_

Whether it's for advice, support or confidence, your girls have your back.

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