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    Posted on Sep 12, 2016

    21 Pictures That Prove Blue Lipstick Actually Looks Good On Everyone

    Don't let anyone tell you you can't pull it off.

    1. There's a trend sweeping the makeup community right now.

    2. You may have noticed it.

    3. It's bold, bright, and bloody beautiful.

    4. It takes any look from hot to HOT DAMN.

    5. And it seems to look good on everyone.

    6. Blue lipstick is the colour you never knew you needed.

    7. It's the colour of loyalty...

    8. ...truth...

    9. ...and goddamn glamour.

    10. Pair it with a statement scarf.

    11. Or with some equally bold eye makeup.

    12. Wear it on a casual day out.

    13. Or on a night out with your BFFs.

    14. Either way, you're guaranteed to look flawless.

    15. Of course, you may think blue lipstick might not suit you.

    16. That it's TOO bold.

    17. That it's TOO bright.

    18. But listen, my sweet, innocent friend.

    19. LOOK AT IT.

    20. Could a lipstick colour as glorious as this ever let you down?

    21. Hell. No.

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