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21 Pictures That Prove Blue Lipstick Actually Looks Good On Everyone

Don't let anyone tell you you can't pull it off.

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1. There's a trend sweeping the makeup community right now. / Via

3. It's bold, bright, and bloody beautiful. / Via

4. It takes any look from hot to HOT DAMN. / Via

5. And it seems to look good on everyone. / Via

6. Blue lipstick is the colour you never knew you needed. / Via

7. It's the colour of loyalty... / Via

10. Pair it with a statement scarf. / Via

11. Or with some equally bold eye makeup. / Via

12. Wear it on a casual day out. / Via

13. Or on a night out with your BFFs. / Via

14. Either way, you're guaranteed to look flawless. / Via

15. Of course, you may think blue lipstick might not suit you. / Via

18. But listen, my sweet, innocent friend. / Via

20. Could a lipstick colour as glorious as this ever let you down? / Via

21. Hell. No. / Via

Get into the blue. Thank me later.