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    Posted on May 9, 2017

    24 Photos That Prove America Has Perfectly Nailed Being Extra

    Because Americans are always doing the most.

    1. Breakfast in Britain:

    Ewan Munro / Flickr: 55935853@N00 / Creative Commons

    2. Breakfast in America:

    3. Offices in Britain:

    Steven Mileham / Flickr: smileham / Creative Commons

    4. Offices in America:

    5. House-hunting in Britain:

    6. House hunting in America:

    7. Proms in Britain:

    Gena-mour Barrett

    8. Proms in America:

    9. Mums in Britain:

    10. Mums in America:

    11. Dressing up in Britain:

    12. Dressing up in America:

    13. Meals in Britain:

    Mats Hagwall / Flickr: hagwall / Creative Commons

    14. Meals in America:

    15. Portion sizes in Britain:

    Andy Bullock / Flickr: andybullock77 / Creative Commons

    16. Portion sizes in America:

    17. A simple bottle of water in Britain:

    mnadi / Flickr: mnadi / Creative Commons

    18. A simple bottle of water in America:

    19. Classrooms in Britain:

    muffinn / Flickr: mwf2005 / Creative Commons

    20. Classrooms in America:

    21. Valentine's Day in Britain:

    22. Valentine's Day in America:

    23. Proposals in Britain:

    Dave Lewis / Flickr: davelewis88 / Creative Commons

    24. Proposals in America:

    Courtesy of Austin McMillan / Via

    You can't get any more extra than proposing in front of Celine Dion.

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