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    23 Photos That Are Way Too Accurate If You've Ever Been In A Group Project

    "Now, your ideas will all suck, so listen to me."

    1. Let's face it, group projects are probably the worst thing about school.

    2. Either you're put in a group where everyone is as clueless as one another.

    So you're pretty much doomed from the start.

    3. Or you're forced to take the reins and lead your group to victory.

    4. Which means getting a little bossier than you'd like.

    5. So you'd rather just avoid them altogether.

    6. In group projects, tensions can run preeettty high.

    7. And it can feel like everyone is purposely trying to get on your nerves.

    8. Especially when you receive texts like this:

    9. Sure, group projects are supposed to be about collaboration, but what about when everyone else's ideas are shit?

    10. And how the hell do you break the news of their shit ideas to your teammates?

    11. It's pretty much everyone for themselves.

    12. In every group project, there's a 95% chance that some randomer you haven't seen in a week will show up to take the credit.

    13. Or that your group won't turn up at all.

    14. So you have no choice but to go into survival mode...

    15. ...put your name on everything...

    16. ...and secretly resent your group for the rest of your life.

    17. There's nothing more awkward than when the teacher checks in on how your group is doing.

    18. Or when they put you in a group with people you hate.

    19. Worse still, when you're "the smart one" and the rest of the group see that as the perfect opportunity to slack off.

    20. All in all, group projects are a mess.

    21. A complete and utter mess.

    22. Literally every person leaves a group project looking like this:

    23. And having learned a valuable lesson.