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22 Picture Tweets About Food That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

The only place you'll see an attempted robbery of a McNugget.

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1. This creative way to describe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Me on food network: "I made a puréed nut spread w/ a grape relish reduction paired w/ brioche bun"

2. These comfy mushrooms.

"Babe can you move over?" "But I don't have mushroom"

3. This Vanilla Ice remix.

Alright stop, refrigerate and listen

4. This particularly violent tin of ham.

5. These variations on butter.

"yeah u can look at my homework but dont copy word from word"

6. This technological development.

The new Toblerone makes for a nice device stand

7. This ridiculous nugget mishap.

8. This predictably bland meal.

9. These retro sandwich bags.

I can't believe how crazy portion sizes have gotten. This is a sandwich bag from the 1920's

10. This sad reality.

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

11. This Justin Bieber observation.

12. This hardworking chef.

My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"

13. This awkward-looking cinnamon roll.

why my cinnamon role look like ET bus a nut

14. This perfect spice scale.

Still my favorite heat menu. I miss street food in Seoul.

15. This surprisingly cute gesture.

My uncle went to Japan and a man liked him so much he made him out of sushi

16. This innovative recipe.

Coming to a menu near you from your's truly: Le Struggle Scampi

17. This perfect reaction to a meal being cancelled.


18. This admirable commitment to Taco Bell.

I ordered $400 worth of tacos from Taco Bell

19. This passion for pineapple.

when ppl tell me pineapple doesn't belong on pizza

20. This cry for help.

21. This impressive display of laziness.

When it's your turn to do the dishes and all the bowls in the house are dirty except this one

22. And whatever the hell this is.

made me some spain get the e with some choke all late milk 😩😍👌😋💦 boner ankle three