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    17 Perfectly Middle-Class Band Names

    "Panic! At The Tesco"

    1. For the conscious customer.

    2. For those who enjoy the occasional tipple.

    3. For appreciators of REAL food.

    4. For he who seeks.

    5. For fans of an old school classic.

    6. For the truly rock 'n' roll.

    7. For the ultimate shopping nightmare.

    8. For the "too blessed to be stressed".

    9. For the "I'm not racist, but..."

    10. For fans of cheeseboard chat.

    11. For the best part of the Internet.

    12. For lovers of a good chicken katsu.

    13. For the naturally edgy.

    14. For the outstandingly efficient.

    15. For badass vegetarians.

    16. For the food connoisseur.

    17. For the grammatical god.