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    23 Perfect Things For Anyone Who Fucking Loves Stationery And Swearing

    Get your very own shit list.

    1. This bloody good notebook:

    2. These adorably rude stamps:

    Stamp, £7.90.

    3. This pencil set that doesn't give a single fuck:

    4. And this book to keep all your precious swear words in:

    Notebook, £7.86.

    5. These Harry Potter–inspired profanity pencils:

    Pencils, £3.75.

    6. This potty-mouthed grocery list pad:

    Notepads, £7.87.

    7. This fucking awesome word confetti:

    Swear word confetti, £2.50.

    8. This list to help get your shit together:

    Planner, £2.36.

    9. These flipping remarkable stickers:

    Stickers, £2.00.

    10. These badass paperclips:

    Paperclip, £2.35.

    11. This clever f-bomb paperweight:

    12. These NSFW sticky notes:

    Sticky notes, £3.67.

    13. And a very different kind of shit list:

    Notepad, £17.38.

    14. This sweary planner band:

    Planner band, £2.40.

    15. And these brilliantly vulgar stickers:

    Stickers, £1.81.

    16. These wonderfully honest gift tags:

    Gift tags, £4.35.

    17. This pen for the fuck-free:

    18. This glorious reminder:

    Letterpress cards, £12.25.

    19. And this even better one:

    Notepad, £12.64.

    20. These open and honest notecards:

    Notecards, £9.48.

    21. This calendar to remind you of all your crap:

    Calendar, £4.73.

    22. This fucking awesome notepad paper:

    Notepad, £4.74.

    23. And this beautifully embossed card:

    Card pack of 3, £11.85.

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