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    19 Things Every Person Who Hates Other People Should Own

    Say it best by saying nothing at all.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These adorable tea bag and spoon rests, which are straight and to-the-point.

    2. This incredibly subtle hint to share with your guests.

    3. This tiny badge to help you reclaim your space.

    4. This notebook where you can jot down everything you need to know.

    5. This patch that absolutely means business.

    6. These "antisocial" stickers you can put in your planner to remind you to prioritise alone time.

    7. This glorious print that embodies your life philosophy.

    8. This pillow that sends a very delicate message.

    9. This antisocial mermaid pin that you never knew you needed.

    10. This incredibly honest tote bag.

    11. This baseball cap that perfectly sums up your priorities.

    12. This makeup bag that will keep people at bay.

    13. And if that fails, you can purchase one of these pins for you and a friend.

    14. This T-shirt that's bold and brazen as fuck.

    15. This card to give the one person you can actually stand.

    16. This wax melt that apparently smells like "the sweet sigh of relief of when you don't have to hang out with your friends".

    17. This cute eraser that says what you really mean.

    18. This drawstring bag that hopefully won't draw too much attention.

    19. And this set of pencils that explains it all.