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25 People You Probably Wouldn't Want In Your Office

No one in the office is safe.

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1. The person determined to put the fear of God in everyone:

2. The person who fiddled with the autocorrect settings:

3. The person who deliberately tainted the water:

4. The person whose idea it was to fill an entire office doorway with packaging:

(Although it's actually quite beautiful.)

(Although it's actually quite beautiful.)

5. The person who put this delightful piece of art on the coffee machine:

6. The person who swapped the "P" and "V" for something way more NSFW:

7. The person who did this to a co-worker's car:

8. The person who uses this:

9. The person who photocopied their own face and stuck it on the office door window:

Just to freak everyone out.

Just to freak everyone out.

10. The people who made this dessert for someone leaving:

11. The person who's overly dedicated to protecting their property:

12. The person who hands these out:

13. The person who somehow managed to get away with this:

Elaine Haapanen

14. The people who can't seem to take anything seriously:

15. The person who just had to go and ruin a perfectly good cake:

Instagram: @clb214

16. The person who left this on a pack of nuts:

17. And the person who did this to a pack of Oreos:

18. The person who invented the "spoon scoop":

19. The people who gave a whole new meaning to "office cubicle":

20. The person who definitely wasn't sorry about this:

Instagram: @gavygallo

21. The people guilty of completely reversing a poor person's desk:

22. The people who did this to someone's chair:

23. The person who had the nerve to ask for "new food":

24. The person who did this to an innocent's phone:

25. And the person who gave a new meaning to "Easter egg surprise":

Instagram: @agajardo