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    17 People Who Failed With The Best Of Intentions

    It's the thought that counts.

    1. "I will be better at my job."

    2. "I will try to cook more."

    3. "I will try harder at school."

    4. "I will apologise when I know I'm in the wrong."

    5. "I will be more mindful of what I order on Amazon."

    6. "I will learn to be more discreet."

    7. "I will remember to close the door when I'm in the bathroom."

    8. "I will stop doing things when I'm tired."

    9. "I will pay more attention to detail."

    10. "And if I'm not paying attention, I will not make it obvious."

    11. "I will make an effort to do things properly."

    12. "I will stop forcing my opinions on other people."

    13. "I will be less pedantic."

    14. "I will only lie when necessary."

    15. "I will stop getting myself in sticky situations."

    16. "I will try to be nicer to people."

    17. "And I will always try to see the positives."