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14 People Who Truly Got Their Christmas Wishes This Year

Warning: May cause excessive crying and a general feeling that the world is not that terrible after all.

1. This girl who became a mermaid for Christmas.

Little cousin got a mermaid tail for xmas and hasn't opened anything else since 😂 u ok Hun

2. This grandma who received a very special kind of pillow.

My mom made my grandma a pillow out of my grandpa's old shirt ❤️ is this not the cutest

3. This girl who finally got to live her best life as a spy.


4. This girl who got an "Elsa" dress and absolutely loved it.

5. This mum who was gifted a car.

Merry Christmas moms. You deserve it!

6. This dad who was given the opportunity to finally see his mum.

My dad hasn't seen his mom in 8 years and she doesn't have much time left so we got him plane tickets to go see her

7. This girl who received an iPhone for Christmas.

Awe! Baby! RT @DillonJaden: YASSSSS I FELT THAT!!!! 😩🙌🏾😂🎄🎁

8. And this grandma who got one too.

my grandma wanted an iphone for christmas to connect more with the family and look at her reaction after opening it

9. This boy who got his very favourite toy.

My 7 year old brother's reaction to getting a wii u for Christmas:

10. This dog who got the shirt he'd always wanted.

He's really feeling himself I'm cryin

And knew he looked fabulous in it.

11. This man who received a tribute to his late wife.

Bob met his wife when he was 16 & he's now 78. she passed away 2 years ago. this was one of his Christmas gifts. 😭💔

12. This girl who got Justin Bieber tickets.

Her reaction to these @justinbieber tickets was the best 😍😭

13. This mum who received a puppy and is basically all of us.

Surprising my mom with a dog and her reaction is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for🐶🎄❤️

14. And this friend of Rihanna's, who was gifted cold hard cash for Christmas.

Rihanna giving cash for Christmas 💸

It truly is the time for giving.