22 Pictures That Prove Women's Clothing Is The Absolute Fucking Worst

    One bubble wrap costume and a dinosaur tail, please.

    1. If you've ever tried to shop in the women's section, you're probably aware that it can be a bit of a shitshow.

    What is this?! 😂😂 #asos #christmasjumper #wtf #nope

    Inexplicable outfit designs, pocketless jeans, and random graphic tees grace every aisle and website. It's a hoot.

    2. Things that look nice and normal at first turn out to be fucking ridiculous.

    every time I find something in forever 21

    Must we ruin EVERY T-shirt with a bullshit message?

    3. And no matter how innocent you think your purchase is, it always finds a way to bite you on the arse.

    Now, hang on a second, @ASOS. So, if I have my legs crossed, then... oh.

    4. Perhaps you'd like to buy something in the very specific colour of "Obama/Black"? There's an outfit for that.

    5. Perhaps you'd like to look like a human pin cushion, but fluffier? Look no further.

    Why would anyone ever buy this?! #asos #WTF #FashionFail 🚓🚨

    6. Or maybe you'd just like an outfit that says "I'm fun", "I'm risqué", and "I'm quite possibly sporting a one-way ticket to a yeast infection"? WELL, look what we have here!

    7. Not to break with tradition, things are just as batshit in the denim department. For a small price of £116, you can get exactly half of a pair of jeans.

    8. Or pay £55 and get A SHOULDERLESS JACKET.

    Literally no one has ever asked for an "Extreme Cold Shoulder Jacket". Pls stop.

    9. Alternatively, you can just buy this pair of jeans, which *do* have knees, but they're transparent because...well, fuck if I know.

    Topshop is getting even more dumb, clear knee patches wtf is this

    10. But then of course, you may prefer these jeans that look as if you've let a baby scribble all over them.

    ahaha wtf new topshop jeans look like when a lad comes into school and gets his pals to sign his cast ???

    Very vintage.

    11. If you're going out, why not consider this dinosaur tail?

    Ermm @ASOS what's this? How many ladies would purchase a tail to add a little something to their outfit 🙈

    12. Or this totally practical and not at all uncomfortable-looking bubble wrap costume.

    omg you really outdid yourself urban outfitters

    You'll probably spend the whole night being attacked by people wanting to pop you, so it's great for social events!

    13. Fuck clothes inspiration, just look like a bush!

    14. Or a giant cupcake!


    Fuck it, just go balls to the wall. That's what women's fashion is all about.

    16. And remember to always wear the right underwear. Like, for example, this slightly stained pair.

    *takes period-stained knickers out of the bin*

    17. You see, the beauty of women's fashion is that there is no limit to what they won't try to sell you.

    "£25 to look like you're taking the bins out" 😂😂😂😂

    18. No variation they won't try.

    Topshop outdoing themselves again 😥 wtf is that

    19. No shoes too high.

    20. And no slogan tee that won't make you question why the fuck half these things exist in the first place.

    21. Women's clothes will forever be a goddamn mystery.

    Oh dear. @TheCut: Dear @UrbanOutfitters, this denim tutu is taking things too far: http://t.co/fww5Yh6YxP

    22. But I guess it could always be worse, couldn't it?