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    19 Pictures That Prove Tumblr Is The Most Savage Place On Earth

    We wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. When they were sick and tired of baby boomers.

    2. When they took absolutely no days off.

    3. When they had this exchange over the English language.

    (For the record, "hurt" is actually a participle – a word formed from a verb.)

    4. When they were quick to clap back when necessary.

    5. And knew exactly the right things to say.

    6. When they somehow managed to get a doll involved.

    7. When they were happy to give out reality checks.

    8. When Jackson Pollock got no love.

    9. And neither did Macklemore.

    10. When this comment was just straight-up mean.

    11. And these parents were some of the most savage pranksters of all time.

    12. Second only to this dad.

    13. When this user was sadly owned.

    14. When this person's story proved they were hilariously savage from a very young age.

    15. When this girl punk band sounded like it could hurt some feelings.

    16. When they even made Batman cry.

    17. When they couldn't take a single thing seriously.

    18. When this idea was swiftly shut down.

    19. And when science Tumblr proved they gave no shits.

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