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28 Of The Most Iconic Makeup Tweets Of All Time

"so i've been seeing this challenge circulating where you use a family members' cremated ashes to set your face."

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1. The makeup mishap:

Had 2 have my makeup done 4 a fashion show 2day. Went into ESTÉE LAUDER and the 'professional artist' genuinely tho…

2. The teeny peeny:

I was just trying to squeeze my foundation

3. The senior photo:

So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. I love being extra 💀

4. The pregnancy slay:

5. The coffee compilation:

i can't believe this coffee has more shade range than most makeup companies' foundation

6. The youtube mua:

no one: youtube mua: so i've been seeing this challenge circulating where you use a family members' cremated ashes to set your face

7. The human palette:

This is what happens when your girlfriend is bored and you fall asleep

8. The giant eye lash:

9. The kitty rug:

10. The face protector:

When u don't wanna get makeup your shirt

11. The lighting betrayal:

*Does Makeup* Bathroom Lighting : You on fleek baby go kill these hoes! Natural Lighting :

12. The $700 charge:

I just accidentally charged my mother's card $733 @Sephora

13. The wild beauty blender:

SPOTTED: a wild beauty blender in her natural habitat

14. The Man Opinion:

girl: *applying chapstick* boy: u don't need makeup 😍

15. The highlighter question:

16. The silent error:

when u hug ur boyfriend and get makeup on his shirt and u waitin for him to notice

17. The perfect response:

when a man says you would look better "without all that makeup on"

18. The expectation vs reality:

what guys think $98 of makeup is vs what it really is

19. The scream-cry:


20. The swift decrease:

21. The complete let down:

22. The recommendation refusal:

When you're watching a makeup tutorial and they recommend a $90 foundation

23. The beauty innovator:

Y'all living in 2017 while this girl is living in 2050

24. The bare face lie:

Me: I'm just gonna go bare face today 15 minutes later

25. The replacement product:

When you're watching a make up tutorial and they're not using affordable products

26. The breadstick beauty:

what highlight is this breadstick using

27. The big reveal:

Men when a woman takes off her makeup and they find out she doesn't actually have glittery pink eyelids and bright…

28. And the solution to all problems:

report due? watch makeup tutorial ur boyfriend cheated on u? watch makeup tutorial ur life is falling apart? watch makeup tutorial