21 Things Every Brit Knows Way Too Well But Doesn't Realise

    "It's mad to think that if you buy a triple sandwich at Tesco, someone else is eating the other half of the same sandwich."

    1. Every British holiday is rated by this very simple system.

    I love how the British holiday is based on the price of a pint??? Yeah had a great time it was only two euro's a pint

    2. Your first successful meal at uni is the one you're most proud of.

    Anyone else at uni take a pic of the tea they’ve cooked and send it to their mum ??? Lmao plz be proud of me x

    3. You create a special bond every time you buy a triple sandwich.

    its mad to think that if you buy a triple sandwich at Tesco, someone else is eating the other half of the same sandwich

    4. And there's no limit to what can go in one.

    English people will dead put anything in a sandwich. Fish fingers, chips, crisps, sausages. You name it, it's going in the fucking bread

    5. Everyone has danced to the music in Nando's at some point.

    When you're in the toilet at Nandos and no one's looking

    And if you haven't, you should.

    6. Holding the door open for someone gets awkward pretty fast.

    Mad when someone holds like 3 doors in a row for ya n you've gotta change up your way of thanking them each time. "Thanks, cheers, nice one"

    7. You probably make this sound way more than you realise.

    How funny is that 'oop' noise u make when u walk into someone

    8. Festival portaloos are surprisingly roomy.

    Be outside portaloo's at festivals waiting for a piss n 10 gal will walk out like it's the fuckin tardis off doctor who

    9. And this comparison is scarily real.

    If you iron Gordon Ramsay you end up with Keir Starmer.

    10. Packing for university is pretty much impossible.

    Packin light for uni is too hard. Top haven't worn since year 8? In it goes, James Cordens autobiography? Yes pls, pop party 2? Necessity

    11. Especially for what you're getting.

    £9,250 a year is a bit much for some PowerPoint slides

    12. Every Brit has seen this design somewhere.

    Everyone's Gran has this ceiling

    13. You've probably shouted this at least once.

    "British people don't have any culture" Mate who do you think invented shouting "OIIIII FUCK OFFFFF" when an absolute banger comes on?

    14. There was nothing more exciting than getting some spare cash from your mum.

    When your mum sends you to the chippy to get some chips and doesn't ask for her change back

    15. And nothing worse than waiting for her to chat to a mate.

    When your mum gets chatting with one of her mates in Tesco

    16. Waiters invariably choose the worst time to check on you.

    Can't be dealing wi waiters that ask how yer meal is as yer scoffing ur gob full of food, it's in yer name fuckin waiter minute

    17. If you've commuted in London, you've probably mastered this technique.

    20yrs of personal tube platform expertise and competitive commuting advantage rendered useless by some green paint.

    18. There's no rivalry more vicious than this one.

    19. And this is 100% accurate.

    When you're friends with kids from the year above

    20. Eating healthily is ridiculously challenging.

    funny how 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day seems impossible but 6 packets of crisps & 4 packs of biscuits in 1 sitting is no challenge whatsoever

    21. And finally, you never actually realised when this happened.

    Mad to think one night you logged out of MSN forever