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23 Mums Who Took Snapchat A Little Too Far

"Just boxed grandma"

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1. The mum who just downloaded Snapchat, but doesn't have a clue how to use it.

2. Because, to be fair, Snapchat is quite confusing.

this is currently my mom's snapchat story

3. The mums who are just getting the hang of Snapchat filters.

Mum using the snapchat filter I'm done

4. No matter how unnerving...

Courtney's mum is now my best friend on snapchat😂😂😂

5. Or terrifying.

who tf let my mum on snapchat I am horrified

6. And the mum who just terrified herself.

7. The mum who uses Snapchat as the perfect opportunity to tell her best jokes.

My mum has snapchat and she thinks she's hilarious

8. And often pets are involved...

9. Or other random household objects.

So my mum washes my bra and this is the snapchat I receive...

10. The mum who's on Snapchat to make sure you've got your shit together.

when your mom figures out how to use snapchat

11. And the mum who's very aware when you're up to no good.

12. The mum whose possession of Snapchat means she's one step closer to being "down with the kids."

13. And the mum who's basically a millennial now.

14. The mums who occasionally use Snapchat to just send you hate snaps.

Miss my mum....#snapchat #worstchild #motherlylove #SorryNotSorry

15. Only sometimes.

who let my mum get snapchat I just get hate

16. It's definitely not a ~regular thing~.

my mom just added me on snapchat

17. And the mum who has found her new hobby as a Snapchat artist.

18. The mum who sends snapchats that are a little TMI.

19. Because boundaries no longer exist in the Snapchat realm.

20. The mum who uses Snapchat to tell you how much she misses you.

21. And the mum who doesn't miss you that much at all.

22. The mum who makes sure she has every angle covered when sending a selfie.

when your mom discovers snapchat, adds you, and then sends you these..... mom..... wyd???? 😂😂😂

23. And the mum who uses Snapchat in the exact same way you do.

my mom needs to stop having snapchat