This "Why You Always Lying" Video Gets Funnier Every Time You Watch It


    Meet Nicholas Fraser, the man behind this hilarious vine, in which he sings "why you always lying?" to the tune of Next's "Too Close".

    The extended version of the video was originally posted on his Instagram, which he captioned "Everybody knows that one person that's always lying on what they own".

    The vine has been viewed over 12 million times and has since been turned into a massive meme on Twitter. Like when a guy claims he's "not like other guys":

    When your friend says they'll call you back:

    When someone claims they weren't subtweeting:

    "It wasn't a subtweet I was just saying"

    Or that they're getting sick of this incredible video:

    "i'm getting so sick of the 'why you always lyin' video"

    People can't seem to get enough of it.

    *walks down the aisle to why u always lyin*

    A car just drove by BLASTING "Too Close" and I screamsang "Why you Lying" during the chorus and people clapped (!!)

    Just look at his face.

    Liars are being called out everywhere.

    Frank Ocean: "I am releasing my new album in July"

    Taylor Swift: Kanye's College Dropout album was the first album me and my brother purchased.

    Some celebrities are joining in too, such as Chris Brown.

    P Diddy also posted a screen cap from the video.

    And Wiz Khalifa tweeted the infamous "mmmmmohmygod".

    Someone even created a mashup of Kanye dancing to the tune of "Why You Always Lying?"

    i can't believe i made this masterpiece

    And Fraser posted a picture of the signed toilet seat from the video on his Instagram in commemoration.

    People just really wanna know why you always lying, to be honest.