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    18 Memes For Anyone Who's Slightly Bad At Makeup

    We've all been there.

    1. This eyebrow struggle:

    2. This lighting betrayal:

    3. This striking difference:

    4. This highlighter mishap:

    5. This injustice:

    6. This existential crisis:

    7. This smudgy mess:

    8. This ultimate eyeliner struggle:

    9. This common occurrence:

    10. This sad copy:

    11. This contour fail:

    12. This mismatched disaster:

    13. This forgetful mistake:

    when u already sat down to do ur makeup and u forgot to wet ur beauty blender

    14. This panda problem:

    15. This tragedy:

    16. This desperate plea:

    17. This disregard for instructions:

    18. And this glaringly real portrayal: